PlanetScape   A 2D Sandbox Adventure

PlanetScape is a 2D top-down sandbox adventure game, focusing on building, action, and exploration.  You as the player take control of an android, built for an unknown purpose, who has crash landed on a strange and magnificent world.   In order to leave, the player will need to repair his ship by mining for minerals, and then use them to construct replacement modules.   As you explore the surface, and the many layers below, you will uncover the dark secrets of this mysterious land, and the spaceman will have to fight increasingly more daunting demons and monsters, in order to unlock the key to his escape.

The world of PlanetScape is a procedurally generated world, meaning every new game will have a completely unique world for you to explore.  During the game, you will explore large, beautiful locations, from the exotic tropical surface, to the fiery hellish depths below.  You will also be able to craft and upgrade several amazing bionic tools and gadgets that will help you progress through the game, and build large and complex structures in order to defend yourself from attack and explore further. 

PlanetScape will keep you exploring, building, and fighting for hours, but you can save your game at anytime in one of 3 save files, picking up where you last left off whenever you wish. PlanetScape is currently only being developed for Windows.  PlanetScape has a purposefully retro visual style which is very easy to run on most current computers running Windows. 

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PlanetScape (stand-alone exe)

Great game, i love it very much! -Terran Orion

Played for a whole day as soon as it came out!-Terran Orion

Loving this game so much, you're doing a wonderful job man 

 Great game, and a lot of fun. Cant wait to see it when finished!       -Arauron

I like it a lot. I'm hooked for sure.-Indie Dev Austin
I just wanted to express how much I like this game again                  -Indie Dev Austin


 PlanetScape Development News:, Oregon


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